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The Void: Rebooted

EPISODE 1 – Outcast

EPISODE 2 – Write Club

EPISODE 3 – What The Howl

EPISODE 4 – Date Night

EPISODE 5 – Film Nwah

EPISODE 6 – Boot Kampf

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First Published: October 18, 2019.
Duration: 6 x 30mins
Format: HD


The Void is a “skit-com” comedy series about a small group of oppressed young filmmakers trapped by contract on a never-ending (18 years and counting) feature film production appropriately titled “The Void”. The reason the production never ends (and the reason they’ve only completed 4% of it) is because Gustaf – their fascist, egomaniacal writer-director – is perpetually re-writing and changing direction.

Each episode revolves around the six underlings – Lu, the drama-queen lead actress; Fex, the nerdy editor/VFX-guru; Milly, the down-trodden sound recordist; Ed, the sarcastic camera-operator/grip; Wilton, the brown-nosing gopher; and Kacy, the unjustifiably optimistic new addition – struggling to achieve the latest insane idea that’s caught Gustaf’s fancy.

Episode Synopses:

Gustaf, the Devil in filmmaker form, ensnares a new team member in The Void’s eternal development hell, replacing Lu as lead actress and creating a powerless enemy. But new girl Kacy has a secret crush that threatens to add a sorely needed extra layer of complication.
*Note – at time of filming, Avatar was still the highest-grossing film in history. Thanks, Endgame, for dating our video. (It had fun but just wants to remain friends).

Kacy guilt-gifts Lu into a week-long acting workshop with Olivia Olivier, your typical acting workshop teacher: greed before qualifications. Simultaneously, Fex switches to a cult-ernate lifestyle upon meeting Typer Wurden, the mysterious, familiar-looking and possibly imaginary leader of an underground, gender-biased literature army. In the C plot, Milly is tasked with collecting “unique sounds” ands winds up uniquely sound-sensitive. You heard it here first. So did she, even though it’s written text and therefore silent.

Ed’s dogphobia gets a workout when Gustaf dumps his son’s leg-loving dog Humper on the sharehouse. At the same time, in an effort to familiarise the underlings with the Void’s new horror genre, Gustaf sets out to prank-scare the living bejeepers out of them. Could one of these prosaic storylines beget actual horror?
Yes. And it’s obviously the first one. Spoiler.

Gustaf now wants the Void to be a fem-friendly romance and sets up the gang on six individual blind dates to fan the flames of passion within the frigid wastelands of their hearts. But is he doing them l’amour harm than good? Well, as you can probably guess, all six dates unfold successfully and completely without incident.PSYCH!!!

The colour literally drains from Fex’s face (and from everything) when Gustaf threatens to reshoot 18 years’ worth of footage in black and white to appeal to colour-blind Academy voters. When a priceless piece of plastic goes missing, Fex adopts a private detective attitude, attire and erratic accent to investigate his five suspicious housemates and solve the kind of mystery that wouldn’t even make page 12 of a Rockhampton primary school newsletter.

Lieutenant General Gustaf decides the Void is now a war movie and that his hapless crew needs to suffer through a torturous, week-long boot camp to acclimatise themselves with the horrors that man can do unto man, or in this case, that Gustaf can do unto them. As the gang covertly devises a not-remotely-great escape, one question arises in this synopsis: can everyone in their platoon be trusted?
Now you know not everyone in their platoon can be trusted.


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