Oct 25 2015

AUSTRALIENS Festivals Update OCT 2015

Australiens has been popping up all over the world like a mysterious, unidentified object flying in the sky, except not so much in the sky as in a movie theatre. Here are some recent updates, including three new festival in the US, Argentina and Andorra! (It's a tiny country between France and Spain).


  • Best Actors Film Festival - WON: Best Ensemble Cast & Best Director Feature Comedy
  • Queen City Film Festival - WON: Best Cult Feature
  • Sydney Indie Film Festival - Nominated For: Best Comedy, Best Sci-Fi and Best Special Effects


  • Comics In Film Festival LOCATION: Santa Fe Comic Con @ Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino, Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA TIME: October 23 - 25
  • 30 Dies Film Festival LOCATION: C/ de la Constitució, AD700 Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra (it's a tiny country between France and Spain) TIME: November 12, 10:10pm
  • Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre LOCATION: Complejo Monumental Lavalle, Buenos Aires, Argentina TIME: November 12 - 22