AUSTRALIENS (was) in CON Film Festival!


Whoa- I was bit late out of yonder gate on this one! Australiens played at the 2015 CON Film Festival, presented by Wizard World and CONtv, yesterday (Friday, May 8th) at 12:30pm at Wizard World Comic Con, Room 108, Pennsylvania Convention Centre, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Now you know exactly where to go to miss it entirely!
I apologise for the late announcement if anyone is actually reading this who would have gone – things have been moving fast and we ourselves weren’t made aware of our screening time until very close to it. However, the announcement was made, prior to the screening, on our Australiens facebook page, which receives frequent updates in regards to festivals, so please “Like” the page to ensure you receive those announcements too. (And while you’re at it, why not “Like” our ArtSpear facebook page as well?)