Mar 23 2014

EPISODE 6 – Fifth Wheel

All good things must come to an end. But did you know all CRAP things must also come to an end? Case in point: here is the final episode of The Void - Episode 6: Fifth Wheel! Secrets will be revealed... friendships will be tested... beer will be spilled... excessive makeup will be applied... gays will be offended... vague predictions will be made in a transparent attempt to promote interest in something fundamentally uninteresting... this paragraph will end... It's a been a long, fruitless, and at all times, pissy, journey, but if there's one lesson to be learned, it's this: the name "ArtSpear Entertainment" is a complete misnomer. It should be called "ArtSpear Infrequently Amusing Distractions With Narrow Appeal". Or "FartSpear".