Monthly Archive: February 2014

Feb 23 2014

Voideo 27 – FEX previzzes

Visual effects require a lot of planning. But what if you have a whole SEQUENCE of effects? That’s gonna require HEAPS of planning! Well it was hardly likely to require LESS planning. Clearly, the required planning is directly proportional to the quantity of visual effects. Did that really require an explanation? Get out of my …

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Feb 16 2014

EPISODE 5 – Pornoplasty

Episode 5: Pornoplasty. As the title cheekily suggests, this is the fifth episode. You may have witnessed other shows resort to using crude sexual humour and gratuitous smuttiness in a desperate attempt to retain their audience. Not so with The Void. We never had an audience to retain. So prepare yourself for blood, bullets, scantily-clad …

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Feb 09 2014

Voideo 26 – MILLY vs Wilhelm

Have you ever been watching a film, heard a sound effect and said to yourself, “hey, that sounds familiar?” If the answer is yes then you have already won a trip for three to Whiskey Dick Mountain! To claim your prize, simply watch the video and tell us in 25 words or less why you’re …

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Feb 02 2014

Voideo 25 – GUSTAF sees the future

The hardest part about filmmaking is getting your film “out there”. Because as we all know, films tend to be very introverted and keep mostly to themselves, shying away from social interaction. Hiring a prostitute usually helps.