Monthly Archive: December 2013

Dec 29 2013

Voideo 21 – WILTON the medium

Are you interested in psychic powers? I had a “feeling” you would be. Unfortunately this video doesn’t have much to say on the subject. Or DOES it? Mayhaps there’s MORE to see than there APPEARS to be… [Disclaimer: there is nothing more to see than what is shown in the video]

Dec 22 2013

Voideo 20 – GUSTAF is a great director

“There’s no better feeling than putting your rock-solid direction into a young actor’s head and watching them take it.” – Gustaf Buganski, film director (August 2nd, 2010 – while on trial for sexual misconduct)

Dec 15 2013

Voideo 19 – LU vs Stankislavski

Ah, acting. That noblest of pursuits, if you discount every other profession. ‘Tis the quest for truth in a performance that drives an actor, and there are many methods to achieve it, mostly involving drugs. Here’s Lu with the latest, though not necessarily the greatest.

Dec 08 2013

Voideo 18 – FEX fights zits

It’s a well-worn saying that “beauty is only skin-deep”. Don’t believe it? There’s a simple way to prove it to yourself: walk up to the next person you find yourself physically attracted to and peel all the flesh from their body. Still want to ask them out? I didn’t think so. Caution: you may be …

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Dec 02 2013

Voideo 17 – MILLY vs Beethoven

Beethoven. Brahms. Bach. Bõt. The greatest composers of all time live on through their music and their popular surnames. But isn’t it high time we found ourselves a new Beethoven? Because the dead one has been refusing to perform for centuries.