Monthly Archive: September 2013

Sep 29 2013

Voideo 10 – Ed vs 3D

In this Voideo, we ask Ed some of life’s biggest questions and he gives us some of history’s worst answers. Still, it’s sure to be ED-ucational! *scream of a man being disemboweled*

Sep 22 2013

Voideo 9 – MILLY’s creatures

Where would King Kong be without his fearsome roar? Presumably getting his butt whipped on Skull Island by a posse of T-rexes, unable to object. That’s why it’s the job of a sound designer to give a voice to these monsters and defend their rights in the People’s Court, although the latter rarely transpires. Hey …

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Sep 15 2013

Voideo 8 – FEX gets wired

Superman.. Peter Pan… Neo… The Luck Dragon… Those freaky monkeys from the Wizard of Oz… They all have one thing in common: the letter “n”. But they also all fly, which as fate would have it is a cinematic illusion brushed upon and fondled inappropriately in this latest Voideo from the master of wasting time, …

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Sep 08 2013

Voideo 7 – WILTON the poet

History has given us many great poets: T. S. Eliot, Emily Dickinson, Ke$ha… Well here’s a new name to add to your list of people who should sooner be hanged than permitted to write poetry: Wilton. Paradise Lost? No – Damnation Earned.

Sep 02 2013

A new Voideo every week – yayzels!

We hope in vain that you have enjoyed this first week of VOIDance. From this day forth, Voideos will be released on a weekly basis, every Sunday, with a full Episode every six weeks – in the interest of prolonging the torment. If you missed an ep, or a voi, consider yourself fortunate or alternatively …

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Sep 01 2013

EPISODE 1 – Magnum Octopus

The moment you haven’t been waiting for is here: THE VOID Season One – EPISODE 1 – Magnum Octopus is online for all to disparage. Why should you waste 26mins and 39seconds of your hard-earned free time to endure this garbage? Well “waste” is a strong word. As are “endure” and “garbage”. Come to think …

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