THE VOID is coming to YouTube


Just when you thought the last shovel of dirt had been patted down smoothly over the grave of The Void… it rises from the dead to bite you on the backside!

That’s right, subscribers (why do I feel like I’m talking to myself?) – all six episodes from the First and Only Season of the most-watched Brisbane-set independent skit-com about the insanities of filmmaking are coming directly to that most prestigious of mediums… YOUTUBE!

But that’s not all! (groan) We’re also going to be bombarding you with no less than 30 interstitial 1-2min “Voideos” (pun patent pending) featuring all your favourite characters plus the ones you can’t stand!
Lu, Fex, Milly, Ed, Wilton and Gustaf are all back – only two years older and more haggard!

The first six Voideos go up in a week’s time, starting on Monday the 26th of August, followed by the first full-length Episode on Sunday the 1st of September. So put that date in your calendar if it isn’t there already although most calendars include all 365 days of the year.

Tell your friends, tell them to tell their friends, and their friends’ friends, and the friends of their friends’ friends, and their sister, cos she’s hot.

The Void is coming to YouTube.