Monthly Archive: August 2013

Aug 31 2013

Voideo 6 – ED’s focus

Like film itself, Ed, the Void’s go-to-out-of-desperation cameraman/grip, has often been described as “negative”. Some people in this world simply don’t give a damn. Ed would be one of those people but he just doesn’t have the energy.

Aug 30 2013

Voideo 5 – MILLY does Darth Vader

Most people lose their innocence at around age ten, either by lying, stealing or coveting. Not Milly though – The Void’s highly repressed audiophile. She’s so pure she bleeds Alaskan spring water. But that won’t stop her doing a mean impression of Darth Vader. (mean = average in this context)

Aug 29 2013

Voideo 4 – FEX disappears

Ever yearned to know how Visual Effects are done? No? Well then this won’t interest you: Fex, The Void’s resident pixel-Picasso, minus the talent, has taken some time out of his lethargic schedule to show you how to spice up your VFX-life with some hot tricks guaranteed to drive him/her* WILD! *your client

Aug 28 2013

Voideo 3 – WILTON in Stockholm

Wilton was the kind of kid that even the bullied kids bullied, after which he thanked them profusely and paid them for their time. But those days are all behind him. It’s the days in front of him he should be worried about, because Gustaf was the kind of kid who bullied the bullies, and …

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Aug 27 2013

Voideo 2 – LU on auditioning

Acting auditions. They’re palm-sweating, knee-wobbling, lower-intestine-peristalsis-inducing experiences, aren’t they? Not to worry! Lu is a professional thespian and she’s here to teach you how to burn yourself into the director’s mind without the help of a soldering iron.

Aug 26 2013

Voideo 1 – GUSTAF vs Michelangelo

Meet Gustaf, Satan’s gift to filmmaking. If you took all the worst qualities of every film director and stapled them together to form a Frankenstein’s-monster-esque amalgamation, Gustaf would come along and tell you to do it all over again because it wasn’t good enough.

Aug 20 2013

THE VOID is coming to YouTube

Just when you thought the last shovel of dirt had been patted down smoothly over the grave of The Void… it rises from the dead to bite you on the backside! That’s right, subscribers (why do I feel like I’m talking to myself?) – all six episodes from the First and Only Season of the …

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