The Killage gets masticated

Two new reviews for The Killage – first up is Episode 11 of the Movie Mastication Podcast. The Killage section begins at around the 35 min mark and goes for about 4 mins, in which the reviewers say some very nice things that melted a layer of superfrost from our ventricles. The podcast also features a blurb in which something occurs that is less likely than Walt Disney rising from the dead and announcing he wants to direct the next episode of Master Chef: The Killage is placed adjacent to Argo in the same sentence. That’s right – the only thing separating The Killage from the 2013 Best Picture Academy Award Winner is a single comma and a pair of quotation marks. Of course, in real life that comma is the size of the Pacific Ocean. Still, dare to delude.

The second review is from a lovely lady who had some very generous things to say. Although I am a bit concernced about criticisms that the film goes a little “over the top”. A word of warning: If you sit down to watch this film and expect that events will stay comfortably within the sphere of credibility, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. It’s important to know that the film is foremost an absurdist comedy and does go pretty way out in parts. But hey – you can’t please everyone.
Unless you’re chocolate. Everyone likes chocolate.