Dec 22 2021

FANFICTASIA – Episode 2 – The Vault of Un-Kept Secrets

FANFICTASIA EPISODE 2! Finally we have an answer to the year-long question "where's episode 2?" - we found it behind the couch cushion and now it's up on our channel, covered in dust bunnies and chewing gum wrappers. (Just don't ask us where episode 3 is - that one's still got us stumped. Maybe we'll remember in 12 months or so...) What random Fanfictastic character cameos will feature this time? What realms will be visited? Who else is dead? Where’s episode 3? 75% of these questions will be answered satisfyingly! Take the red pill, jack yourself hard into the Faketrix and become the One*! *…person who reads this nonsense.

Oct 18 2021

Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer Spoof

SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME! He's been to Washington DC. He's done a Eurotrip. There's really only one frontier left to explore: the infinite alternative realities of the Multiverse. Luckily there's one lapsed-surgeon-turned-sorceror in the Big Apple who knows how to spell. That’s right folks, as J. Jonah Jameson would say - it’s time for our biggest standalone trailer spoof yet, as J. Jonah Jameson would never say. Join Peter Parallel-Universe-Parker, Doctor Strangely Irresponsible, [Initial here ➡︎] MJ, Aunt Tomei, The Artist Currently Known As Wong and a few unexpected dimensional tresspassers in a recklessly magical parodic adventure with a surprise ending that hits you like a punch to Tom Holland's nether-lands (ie. painful to watch).

Jun 27 2021

The Suicide Squad Trailer Spoof

THE SUICIDE SQUAD! How do you parody a trailer that's already silly and outrageous? You don't - you leave it alone. But we learned that lesson too late so here's this thing, in which Harley fails to Quinntimidate I-can’t-Think-of-his-name, Peacemaker appeases with a prepackaged peace offering, Blackguard flicks rags, Rick Flag doesn’t guard his back, Bloodsport spots blood, Ratcatcher retorts, Waller’s closed off, Weasel’s woke, Savant’s an idiot and King Shark fishes for a bounty. All that in one 5-minute video? What happens in the other 4 minutes?

Mar 29 2021

Godzilla vs Kong Trailer Spoof

GODZILLA VS KONG! Two stars as big as Godzilla and Kong in the same movie? Sparks are sure to fly! But first they need to get 'em on set, and that's where the REAL fight happens - behind the scenes, via intense contractual negotiations.

Dec 25 2020

FANFICTASIA – Episode 1 – The Phantom-like Menace

FANFICTASIA! The term "fan-fiction" only evokes positive connotations, so imagine a whole PLANET built around that concept - booyah! The Heroes and Villains from our Super-Bowl saga have created their own utopia, inspired by their fictional backstories - a world of many worlds, that hundreds of pop-culture characters can call home. But a shadow has fallen over this paradise, in the form of several murdered characters. A several-murdered-characters shadow. Are the deaths connected? Has something of Oscar survived? Whodunnit? None of these questions will be answered because it's only part 1.

Sep 26 2020

Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Spoof

WONDER WOMAN 1984! We saw the first Wonder Woman and somehow missed the other 1,982 sequels but hopefully this one will recap the 66 years they cover, since this one is set in 1984! But you don't need a recap to understand our trailer spoof cos it's standalone (ie: no one comes near it). Join Amazon-out-of-water Diana Prince, the unkillable Steve Trevor and love-desperate Barbara (Cheetah) Minerva in a spoof that will make you nostalgic for the time before you watched it.

Jul 13 2020

Black Widow Trailer Spoof

BLACK WIDOW! It’s about time Marvel did right by the Widow, so that we, in turn, could do wrong by them, via Trailer Spoof. In this latest travesty, Natasha Romanoff finds herself back in the USSR, and you don’t know how lucky you are, boy, not having to self-isolate with her homicidal sister, radioactively-mutated father and body-image-obsessed mother, all the while being pursued by a masked foe with a master’s degree in achieving set goals. So zdravstvuyte, comrades! Quit beating around the babushka and check out the full spoofski on YouTube!

Apr 21 2020

2020 Trailer Trash-Up!

Are you feeling isolated? Socially distant? Overly-sanitized? Well then it’s time for something mass-gathered, in-your-face and severely unsanitary - our 2020 TRAILER TRASH-UP! Featuring, in no particular order, other than alphabetical: ALADDIN, ALITA, AQUAMAN, IT: CHAPTER 2, JOHN WICK 3, JOKER, LION KING, STAR WARS: RISE OF SKYWALKER, TERMINATOR: DARK FATE and X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX - there’s enough trash here for a landfill!. So be qWICK! Stop LION around - RISE up, DARK over to YouTube and AQUire some JOKEs cos sooner ALITA IT’s over, ALADDIN. (I’m assuming your name is Aladdin. I mean what else could it be?)

Dec 30 2019


The Ultimate Battle of Good and Evil vs an Even Eviler Evil! ALL the HEROES, ALL the VILLAINS - MARVEL, DC, STAR WARS, X-MEN, LORD OF THE RINGS, HARRY POTTER, THE MATRIX, TERMINATOR and so many more - will join forces for the first time to take on the most highly-awarded super-villain of all time - OSCAR! Will they triumph and free themselves from their eternal torment? Or will their golden captor wipe the arena with their collective butts? Suit up, strap in and push it to 88 mph for the Biggest, Bombasticest, Hyperbolicest Showdown in HISTORY!

Jul 01 2019

Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Spoof

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME! The arach-kid from Queens is off to see the actual Queen and soak in the sights: a menace in Venice, pyroclastics in Prague and some thunderin’ in London! (The Venice rhyme worked great and there was nowhere to go but down.) We made a spoof that’s a little closer to home, provided you live in a globulous bubble of goof. Join Peter Parker, MJ, Ned, Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Mysterio - the enigmatic asthmatic who’s taken the term “bowl cut” to the next level - as they literally brave the elements in a foreign land. But hey - it’s just another day, another Euro for everyone’s favourite webbed Tony-fan.

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