ArtSpear Entertainment is an independent production company located in Brisbane, Australia. It was formed in early 2010 by Rita Artmann and Joe Bauer. Since then, the company has produced two award-winning feature films – slasher The Killage and sci-fi Australiens, six-episode comedy TV series The Void, animated YouTube series Toon Sandwich and a variety of short films.


ArtSpear Entertainment aims to bring decent work to talented young actors and filmmakers in Australia and to employ people based on their ability and not on their renown. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the Australian film industry’s profile by expanding the possibilities for what an Australian production can be. So many of Australia’s best and brightest go to America because they can’t get interest for the projects they want to make here. It would be wonderful if Australian filmmakers could focus on entertaining their audience and didn’t have to incessantly promote the “Australian identity” (whatever that is) or the nation’s tourism industry just to attract funding.

Rita Artmann


As a small child Rita realised that her inability to cope with day-to-day routine would make it impossible for her to ever hold down a “real” job. She started acting at 5 and knew that it was what she wanted to spend her life doing.
Rita completed her formal training at The Actors Workshop in Brisbane. Since graduating in 2007, Rita has worked on short films, independent features, theatre productions and TV shows.
In 2009, Rita met writer/director Joe Bauer and within 6 months they had formed their production company ArtSpear Entertainment. Rita has produced and starred in two award-winning feature films for ArtSpear, both of which have secured international distribution – The Killage as “Emily” and Australiens as “Andi”. In 2011, Rita produced and starred as “Lu” and many other characters in ArtSpear Entertainment’s first TV series The Void, which went to air in October 2012. In 2015 Rita is playing lead roles in two independent features – Red Curtain Hell and The Wrong Crowd.

Rita Artmann Acting Show Reel AUG 2013

Joe Bauer


Joseph Bauer is an independent filmmaker living in Brisbane, Australia. He has been making comedy films since he was eleven years old. In 2010 he teamed up with actor/producer Rita Artmann and together they started the production company ArtSpear Entertainment. Since then, ArtSpear has produced two award-winning feature comedies – slasher The Killage and sci-fi Australiens, the six-part comedy TV series The Void and the animated YouTube series Toon Sandwich. Joe is also an illustrator and has illustrated the popular “Eric Vale” and “Derek Dale” children’s book series.

Joe Bauer Filmmaking Show Reel 2011