EVERYONE ON HIGH ALERT!!! An army of extremely powerful beings from distant lands with weapons far in advance of our own are coming to BRISBANE! And I’m not talking about the G20 Summit.

(BOOM-TISH! Pause for scattered pity-laughter).

No, I’m talking about something far less newsworthy: the premiere of another independent Australian feature film! I know, I know – you can’t get enough!!
It’s a sci-fi/comedy/film-noir, without the noir, called Australiens. The plot, setting, and level of comedic sophistication (0.3) is all in the title.
If you’re crazy enough, you can get your tickets here:

AUSTRALIENS Premiere ScreeningBuy Tickets

I know what you’re thinking: why should I pay for a ticket to this indie film when I could pay to see something ten times as good for a third of the price? Well here’s what I’m thinking: Dang. I hoped they wouldn’t think that.
But in all seriousnessness, we’d love to see you there for the film and the after-party, which comes after!
Just one question: who are you? You seem nice.