EPISODE 4 – 3D-001

It’s the episode Jordan Mechner (creator of the Prince of Persia video game franchise) described portions of as “awesome”, before informing us he couldn’t clear any rights to the game.
That’s right, retrogamers – this episode sees Lu and Fex go INSIDE A COMPUTER (capitalisation required) and frag their way through a series of classic, unsanctioned computer games limited entirely to Tetris, Pacman, the original 1989 Prince of Persia and Quake. But since we’re not making money off it, they can’t send us to prison. Win!
But that’s not all! There’s also some well-disguised homages to films such as Titanic, The Thing (1982) and Un Chien Andalou!
But wait – there’s less! I made up the Un Chien Andalou part.
So if you love gamin’, grab ahold of your joystick with both hands and shoot away!