Oct 13 2013

EPISODE 2 – Contra-zoom Moments

From the people who brought you the first episode of The Void… comes the second episode of The Void! We’re all about consecutiveness here at The Void, and if you loved the first episode, who are you and why haven’t we heard of you?
Episode 2: Contra-zoom Moments. The name says it all. Sharp-eyed viewers will spot borderline-subliminal references to such diverse titles as Jaws, Tomb Raider, Back to the Future Part II and Kermit the Frog. Dull-eyed viewers will take solace in their lack of nerdism. How do I know these events will occur? I built a time machine out of a Suzuki Swift.
And remember, every time you share this video an angel gets its wings. (yes, an angel of death, but who’s checking?)