ArtSpear meets Candyman and Frank the Bunny

No, we haven’t been tripping on acid. ArtSpear were VIP guests (Very Insignificant Plebs) at this year’s Gold Coast Film Festival, having embarrassed the festival the year before with The Killage, our first fulfilling foray into unfinanced filmmaking, for real. We also dragged Australiens stars Tamara McLaughlin and Lawrence Silver along for the ride, kicking and screaming.

But here’s the real story: at the after-party we found ourselves (placed ourselves into photos) with two of the stars of “Sushi Girl” – Tony Todd and James Duval. You may know them better as 1) Candyman / Creepy dude from the Final Destination films 2) Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko / Miguel from Independence Day. We will not go quietly into the night.

Don’t believe us? Well that’s weird. But here’s digital proof in our new Events Gallery!